About us

The Holding Parts Project is promoted by Holding Industriale SpA (Hind) together with RGR & CO. (a current management company) and a Club Deal made up of Italian and international entrepreneurs.

Hind is a holding company founded in Turin in 2011 by Claudio Rovere and Luca Ferraris, dedicated to investing in the capital of Italian SMEs with the aim of encouraging development, internationalisation and generational change, characterised by the following characteristics:

Medium and Long Term Partners

An entrepreneurial and strategic approach, which aims to create value by:

  • strengthening management structures;
  • implementing international expansion projects;
  • rationalising ownership structures;
  • consolidating the financial and equity structure.
    • Investments in Club Deal

      In addition to direct shareholding, Hind proposes itself as an organiser of Club Deal through the involvement of private investors who may also be interested in participating directly in the initiative by making their contribution in terms of knowledge of the investment sector, support in business development and the search for operational and commercial synergies.

      Small and medium-sized enterprises

      Attention is paid more to small and medium-sized companies, with an equity value of between 1 and 15 million Euro, which represent the real economic assets of the country and operate in a context of increasing complexity that imposes increasingly difficult adaptive behaviours on them. Hind aims to assist them in governing the levers of growth in this increasingly complex and competitive environment.