The Project

The purpose of the project is to aggregate Italian excellences operating in the spare parts chain for the automotive sector dedicated to cars, heavy vehicles and agricultural vehicles, intending to become a long-term reference point to take advantage of significant potentials of growth through the various synergies resulting from the aggregation of various national and international production and distribution companies.

Distribution synergies

Optimisation of production processes through the sharing of know-how

Distribution synergies

Integration of the sales channels between the various companies of the Holding

Logistics synergies

Sharing of production sites and warehouses to improve logistics aspects

Centralisation of services

Centralised planning, management control, finance and H.R.

Coordination activities

Coordination of marketing and communication activities to develop a “family feeling” concept between the various companies of the Holding

Structural costs synergies

Centralisation of compliance, administrative, legal and tax costs